Smart Personal GPS Locator &
GPS Watch with Phone Alerts

Giving you and your loved ones greater
peace of mind and independence

Our Smartsense GPS Locator is the only product of its type sold in Australia with an Australian GPS tracking website (at no cost to families), a built-in ring alert to remind you to take medicine and a no-movement alert sensor if the wearer hasn’t moved for some time. It just makes smart sense.

Smartsense GPS Australia

Introducing the next generation smart GPS Locator Tracker

The Smartsense GPS Locator Tracker monitors location and movement and can be used to alert others if assistance is required by providing a mobile link to family and carers. Perfect for elderly family members or those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers.

Using 3G mobile and the latest GPS & motion technology to bring you a highly reliable monitoring device. Providing 2 way voice and text communications, pin-point location, indoor & outdoor reception, walking or vehicle movement and multiple points of contact in emergencies.

Smartsense GPS locator colours

GPS Locator Watch With Phone Alerts & Mobile App

Combining practicality and good looks our Smartsense GPS watch makes good sense for seniors who may feel uncomfortable wearing our pendant locator. It combines real-time tracking, SOS alert to family, mobile phone calls to and from family, messaging, reminder alerts, geo-fencing alerts, camera, phonebook, step counter and digital or analogue watch screen.

Comes with free iOS and Android app for tracking, messaging, reminders, update location and watch setup.

Smartsense GPS Watch

Purchase the Smartsense GPS Pack plus a spare locator and save $40.00

Outstanding Support

We provide support through our help desk, email or telephone. Full after sales support.

Low Annual Cost

The Smartsense uses prepaid SIM cards and does not require expensive annual or monthly fees.

Easy to setup and use

Smartsense has been designed to be simple to setup and use.

Express Delivery

Your order is delivered Australia wide by Express Post for only $10

Independence, security & peace of mind

Greater Independence

Greater Independence

The GPS Locator allows for greater independence and freedom while providing family members with peace of mind knowing your loved one has that extra level of security.

Peace of Mind

Ideal for those who may feel vulnerable in the community and for people living with dementia, those with disabilities or those just wanting immediate access to help.

Peace of Mind
Family Monitoring

Family monitoring

No ongoing cost to provide family monitoring for your loved one 24/7.

Provides SOS alert for assistance, anywhere location, movement and emergency 2 way voice and text communication.

What our customers say

  • The device works like a charm! I'm using Smartsense as a way to keep tabs on my retired father after a couple of incidents where he got lost. In order to ensure that he always takes the device, I've attached it to his keychain.

  • The Smartsense device works very well and has added some peace of mind to my life

  • Has really given my Mum peace of mind to continue her walking.

  • With the geo zone alerts turned on, I now get notified when he leaves the house and when he returns. This device has given me peace of mind

Smartsense GPS Locator Applications

Lone worker smart personal GPS Locator Alert & voice call

Lone worker security device

Providing discreet SMS & voice alert back to co-workers

If you are a social worker, carer, farm worker or work alone or offsite occasionally, the Smartsense GPS locator can provide that vital link to others in an emergency event.

When you discreetly push the locator SOS button, a vibration tells you that a text alert has been sent to each of the authorised phones as well as emails & software alarm. The alert text will be received within 5 seconds and the alert receiver can silently call the locator to listen in or call you so you can converse.

Smartsense GPS asset tracker device

Protect your assets with GPS location, alert and tracking

Know where your assets are all times

Monitor the location of your assets while on the road, on the water or stationery while in storage. Smartsense can be set to send a location only on movement.

Wherever your journey takes you be prepared and install a Smartsense GPS locator or satellite tracker for those out of reach spots. In an emergency event, family or contacts will be able to pinpoint your location and provide assistance.

Protect your asets with gps location technology

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