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Cadsite Group is a Melbourne based company that has been providing document management services and GPS tracking for over 25 years. In that time we have seen great advances in technology and the worldwide Internet. The availability to the public to access GPS satellite data has enabled enterprises to design and manufacture devices that take advantage of the technology and provide real useful benefits to the public.

Our area of expertise is knowing how to make use of the technology to best suit the application – in particular personal GPS locators that perform numerous functions including pin pointing co-ordinate location, sending text and phone alerts using 3G mobile coverage or monitoring the location of valued assets.

We believe that personal GPS locators can bring a level of independence, security and peace of mind to the wearer and in particular the wearers family. We think it best that family monitor their loved ones while they wear the GPS Locator – that doesn’t mean you have to be in front of a computer, as mobile devices such as smart phones are quite capable of receiving the GPS locator position and text & phone alerts. The family will also receive email alerts and notifications from the GPS locator.

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What our customers say

  • The device works like a charm! I'm using Smartsense as a way to keep tabs on my retired father after a couple of incidents where he got lost. In order to ensure that he always takes the device, I've attached it to his keychain.

  • The Smartsense device works very well and has added some peace of mind to my life

  • Has really given my Mum peace of mind to continue her walking.

  • With the geo zone alerts turned on, I now get notified when he leaves the house and when he returns. This device has given me peace of mind

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