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Conditions of Purchase

  • Products may be accepted for return at the discretion and authorisation of Smartsense and only within the 10 day period following despatch.
  • Warranty or return of goods is subject to normal wear based on the period of time of use. Goods returned within 10 days shall be as new condition showing no wear or damage and include all accessories and original packing box. Goods returned during warranty period showing excessive wear or damage to exterior or signs of water egress may void the warranty. Smartsense advises that devices should not be used in showers or while swimming and only subject to occasional splashes of water ie: hand washing.
  • Products sent to Smartsense without Smartsense authorisation will be returned to sender. As per safe work practices we may consider suspending or modifying return and exchange policies at any time.
  • Smartsense authorisation is required before returning goods via Australia Express Post.
  • Smartsense reserves the right to deduct shipping cost, SIM card cost and setup cost from any refund.
  • Goods returned for repair should be sent via Australia Express Post with a return Express Post bag included.
  • Delivery is Australia wide via Australia Post.
  • Customers setup requirements are included at shipping – once unpacked just turn on the device by placing in charging dock
    or press ON button.
  • The Smartsense Coolum watch provides health functions such as steps, turnover in sleep, heart rate / blood pressure, oxygen saturation and body temperature. Any resulting measurements are not intended for medical use and are not medically certified.
  • Smartsense and Cadsite Pty Ltd does not guarantee in any way that the devices will prevent accidents, death or personal injury to the user or others as a result of any cause whatsoever. The parties agree that the devices are not designed or guaranteed to prevent any loss or injury. The user understands that the devices GPS and SOS functions are limited to the constraints of all GPS systems and mobile networks and in the event that the device cannot receive GPS signal it will provide its last known location in a text message. When a device cannot receive GPS signals it may utilise WIFI to determine location – WIFI locations can be less accurate than GPS locations.
  • The Smartsense GPS devices utilise the internet and cloud services to transfer location data, as do all GPS devices. We will take all reasonable steps to protect your data from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification and unlawful disclosure. In the event that we become aware of a data breach and we are required by law to comply with the notification of eligible data breaches provision under Australian privacy laws, we will take reasonable steps to contain the suspected or known breach. We urge customers to take every precaution to protect their personal data and the Smartsense GPS device data by changing passwords often, using a combination of letters & numbers.
  • By proceeding with the purchase from Smartsense GPS you have provided explicit consent to the transfer of data from the Smartsense GPS device and that Smartsense GPS or Cadsite PTY LTD have no further liability. You have the right to withdraw consent you provided to us at any time by contacting us. If we do receive such advise we will, within reasonable time, arrange to cease transfer of data from the device.


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