Smartsense GPS Locator

Smartsense uses the latest technology available

How does our GPS technology work?

The Smartsense GPS Locator monitors location and movement and can be used to alert others if assistance is required by providing a mobile link to family and carers. SOS or fall alerts activated by the locator wearer are sent to our data servers and then onto the designated contacts, advising time and location of the emergency.

Smartsense uses GPS satellites to determine location and movement. Together with clever software design, Smartsense relays this information to our data servers in Australia. The Smartsense servers convert this data into useful and easy to understand mapping information that is available to family, coworkers and carers.

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Smartsense Features

Two-way Voice Communication, SMS & Location

Easy to use during emergencies

Using 3G mobile voice, SMS,location data and the latest GPS & motion technology; Smartsense brings you a highly reliable monitoring device. Providing 2-way voice and text communication, pin-point location, indoor & outdoor reception, walking or vehicle movement and multiple points of contact in emergencies.

Smartsense icons
Free web gps location application

Free family access to GPS web application

Unique to Smartsense GPS

Smartsense provides free unlimited family access to our goGPSLive web application for locating and monitoring their loved ones using Google map functions. As a customer of Smartsense you will be given an account and login to goGPSLive. The Smartsense Locator GPS positions are linked to the application to bring you mi nute by minute updates on position and alerts. Zones can be created to alert you when the locator enters or exits an area.

You can access the application 24/7 on a desktop computer or mobile smart phone – technical and emergency help is always available.

Low annual cost

Pay as you go SIM card

The Smartsense Locator has a built in mobile SIM card, which connects the locator to the mobile phone and Internet network to send alerts and locations.

Smartsense uses pay-as-you-go SIM cards – also known as pre-paid, to send SMS, phone calls and location messages to family. With normal usage $15 or $30 year should provide sufficient credit for a whole year. Each SMS sent by the locator is $0.12 and a minute call is $0.12 minute. There is no credit cost if someone calls the Smartsense Locator.

No annual fee, low cost sim
Colours and accessories

Range of colours and accessories

Choose from blue, pink, green or black Smartsense GPS locator and receive four alternate fixing methods lanyard, key ring, pouch and carabineer clip attachment. Available in a pack or individually.

Battery recharge made easy

Unique Docking Station

When Smartsense runs low on battery just place it in the docking station for a recharge – usually over-night or for up to 3 hours. The red indicator light will dim when the battery is fully charged. Smartsense can remain in the docking station even after recharge is complete. Normal use provides up to 40 hours usage.

Smartsense charger
Smartsense GPS contact and medical information identication tag

Personalised identification tag

Printed contact and medical details

Have a plastic identification tag printed to teh back of your Smartsense GPS locator with your family contact details and medical information.

This information is immediately available to anyone assisting your loved one.

* Allow up to 40 charcters on two lines
* Available in three colours

Smartsense GPS Locator Features

  • Live GPS location positions on google map using 3G network prepaid SIM card
  • Request map position or location address by text (SMS) call
  • SOS push button user activation for duress or panic such as a fall
  • Up to 5 programmed authorised phone numbers contacted in succession
    and SMS text message sent to each phone
  • SOS alert sent by text (SMS), phone call & internet
  • After receiving SOS you can monitor sounds from the locator
  • Two way voice communication for up to 5 phone numbers activated by SOS button
  • Set one of the authorised phone numbers for easy call out
  • Receive location Google map link in text (SMS) and email
  • Create safety zones areas for alerts when entering or leaving an area
  • Over speed alert and Movement alert
  • Recharge battery using docking station
  • Indicator LED lights
  • Lanyard, key ring and belt holder
  • Free family access to GPS web application

Did you know?

Call or SMS at a push of a button

Whether you are at home or out and about, you can immediately contact family or carers. With a push of the Smartsense locator phone button you can call without the need to use your home or mobile phone.

Battery life usage

With the extra sensitivity built into the Smartsense, settings can be chosen to best extend the battery charge while still ensuring Smartsense will wake on the first movement. Power saving setting provides 40 hrs. Deep sleep setting provides 96 hrs. Nightly charging is recommended. Hours may vary depending on usage.

Timer alert

A timer alert sound can be set in the Smartsense Locator for any time of the day to remind you of a task to do or to take your medication.

Ask about tags

Have important medical or contact details applied to the back of the Smartsense Locator with our plastic tags.

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