Smartsense Montville GPS 4G Locator Pack


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Our Smartsense Montville GPS locator features a stylish black look, with sliver sides, lanyard or wrist strap/pouch, one button push operation, SOS and fall notification, voice calls, alarm reminder, desktop charger base and comes with our free Smartsense App (Aibeile Plus also available).

Easy charging with the magnetic cable connection on the back.

The pack contains:

  • 1 x Smartsense GPS Locator
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x USB magnetic cable
  • NEW ! 1 x magnetic desktop charger stand
  • 1 x cord lanyard
  • 1 x wrist strap pouch
  • 1 x user guide
  • Lifetime subscription to Smartsense GPS iOS & Android app
  • 12 months warranty
  • SIM credit options: $20, $30, $40 or $70
  • Australia Post Express delivery


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Add at least one authorised mobile number for SOS alert *

Up to three numbers can be added on separate lines

Add a user’s name for the Smartsense GPS device *

Option – Add an identification tag to the back of locator $10.00

Can include message and phone number (up to 40 characters including spaces)

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Pre-paid SIM plan details

Amaysim (Optus 4G) 365day pre-paid $10, $20, $30 credit
Talk standard calls $0.15, Text $0.15, Data $0.07 MB
Typical year – $28 400MB data & $15 100 calls/text, no cost receive calls
Option – auto recharge when low credit

Telstra 4G pre-paid mobile casual $30, $70 credit
$30 Talk standard calls 80 minutes, texts 100, Data 300MB 6 months
$70 Talk standard calls 200 minutes, texts 200, Data 700MB 12 months
Option – auto recharge with rollover

NOTE: Use of pre-paid SIM plans include dollar credit to be paid up-front. This credit will run down to zero over time unless the pre-paid credit is renewed periodically. If you have auto recharge in place (by linking a credit/debit card) your plan will automatically recharge every six or twelve months. Your device may cease to work if there is no SIM credit. You may not receive any communication that the credit is running low. As the owner of the SIM plan it is your responsibility to check the credit level periodically and add credit as required. If your sim card expires at the end of the term you have six months to reactivate it.