Smartsense Product Comparison

Our Smartsense product range has been designed to provide a range of quality, cost effective and easy to use GPS Locator and Alert products. The following table has been designed to assist customers to identify the best product for their requirements.

Product Comparison
Product Comparison
Product Comparison
Product Comparison
Cell network4G3G4G3G/4G
Sim Card & $5 creditAldimobileAldimobileAldimobileAldimobile
GPS Locations    
WIFI Locations^^    
Voice Call / Send    
Geo-fence Zones    
Battery Save Mode+    
IP65 Water Resistant*    
SMS Request Location    
SOS Alarm    
Fall Down Alarm    
Tilt Alarm    
Alarm Clock    
Do Not Disturb    
No Movement Alarm    
Low Battery Alarm    
Phone Book    
Emergency Contacts33App UsersUp to 10
Set Update Times    
Sms Setup    
Smartsense App# Incl 2yrsIncl 2yrsIncl 2yrsAvailable
Kit accessories^    
AvailabilityBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

IP65 water resistant* means protected from low pressure water jets. We do not recommended wearing any of our devices in the shower.

Smartsense App# Apps are available for Android & iOS smartphone and provide for family log in, live Google maps, tracking history, geo-fence zones and device setup.

Kit accessories^ When we prepare your Smartsense GPS device we include all necessary accessories including SIM card with $5 credit, wall charger, cables, cord or lanyard, charging base or magnetic cable and user guides. Includes Express delivery.

Battery save mode+ Battery hours for our devices range from 18 to 35hrs based on 3 or 4 hrs movement per day (walking & pottering). Battery hours can be extended but can reduce the frequency of position updates and the efficiency of the devices to get quick and reliable GPS positions.

WIFI Locations^^ When the device is indoors or under tress or near outside structures, it may not be able to sight GPS satellites so will resort to WIFI positioning which is determined by a 3rd party service. WIFI positions are not always accurate and should not be relied upon.

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