Smartsense Support

We think it’s best that family monitor their loved ones – but that doesn’t mean you are alone when it comes to the technical things.

We are there during and after the sale to provide you with any technical help you need.

Sometimes we have to adjust the settings in the Smartsense locator to better suit the lifestye of the wearer or you may have an issue with the desktop or mobile software.

We are just a call, text or email away.


Do you have any questions or need support?

User Guides

Smartsense GPS User Guide

Smartsense GPS information on basic operation and functions.

AldiMobile SIM Card Instructions

Information on how to activate your Aldimobile starter pack


Smartsense GPS Locator Specifications

Smartsense GPS functions, technical specifications, technical requirements and usage instructions.

Product Images

Smartsense GPS attachments, dimensions,
buttons and functions.


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